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July 21, 2011 Comments Views: 782 Gadgets, Gaming, Tech

Star Wars Kinect Bundle Xbox 360


If there ever was an Xbox bundle that was mandatory for console lovers everywhere, then this is it! The new Star Wars themed Xbox comes complete with a console made in the style of R2D2 (it even makes his droid noises!), a C3P0 styled controller, and a limited edition white Kinect sensor. The bundle will be priced at $449, but will come with copies of Star Wars Kinect and Kinect Adventures.

Using the classic droid designs makes this custom limited edition appealing to both female and male gamers alike. Gizmodo was able to take an exclusive inside look into the making of the console set, and what went into the design construction.

The bundle was officially announced on opening day of ComicCon. It will come with the largest HDD Xbox has ever released at 320GB

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