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The Aquabats! Super Show! Season One! Review!

Enter the GeekGirl World Giveaway to win a free copy of the The Aquabats! Super Show! Season One! DVD! All you have to do is leave a comment on this article identifying one of the Aquabats’ song lyrics I use in my review. A winner will be selected at random on May 28, 2013. Good luck!


The-Aquabats-Super-Show_1_600x400-540x360Holy guacamole! The Aquabats! Super Show! Season One! is the ultimate hodge podge of a variety show, jam-packed with crime-fighting, adventures, commercials, cartoons, and skits featuring the raddest ska band on planet earth— the Aquabats!

In each episode, the Aquabats, led by the M.C. Bat Commander (Christian Jacobs), find themselves pit against a new, colorful, and bizarre rival, one that is often 1/2 classic movie monster, 1/2 a child’s sugar-induced day dream. Some seek vengeance, like Man Ant, an abandoned ant in a suit, hell-bent on ruining picnics. Other baddies are simply misunderstood, like “Tweaky Bird Thing,” a confused and cranky mutant chicken. Alas, many, like Space Monster M, just want to destroy the planet! Thank goodness the Aquabats are around to save the day, often to the sweet upstrokes of a musical beat, and sometimes with a “Learning and Growing” moment that teaches a cute lesson.


Space Monster MAmusingly, the “episodes” even feature hilarious and over-the-top faux commercials made by the fictional company Gloopy. Fans who have seen the Aquabats perform live might remember the commercial for “Handi Gel,” an all around yucky lotion/gel that comes in a leaky bag— perfect for moisturizing while on the B-Ball court. Handi Gel and the other bizarre products featured during the “commercial breaks” are one of my favorite parts of the show. They are completely weird and I love it. It’s not unusual for the Aquabats to find “A CARTOON” airing on a teeny tiny television screen in the middle of an adventure. Naturally, they stop everything they’re doing and watch! Meanwhile, the audience is transported to an anime-styled cartoon featuring the Aquabats in separate journeys across space. Some of the strangest hijinks occur when the Aquabats are in animation-form. The random, odd-ball fun is completely enjoyable and endearing.


AquabatsAnimatedGroupShot Combining corniness, camp, mischief, and magic, the show manages to amuse children and fun-loving adults alike. Rudies skanked for joy when they discovered Netflix had made the show available to customers earlier this year. However, if you’d like to check out super rad Bonus Features like Blooper Reels, commentary on the un-aired pilot, and behind the scenes shenanigans, you’ll have to pick up the The Aquabats! Super Show! Season One! DVD when it hits stores May 21, 2013. The second season will begin airing on June 1, 2013 on the Hub, so stay tuned to your Idiot Box, kiddos! After 13 episodes of sheer delight, it’s very easy for me to give The Aquabats! Super Show! Season One! a solid 8/10.

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    This was a super rad review! Idiot Box? I was semi-hoping you might suggest that I just sit around all sweaty and lethargic watching this on Netflix. :)

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    Great review, very awesome!

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    Totally awesome, totally genius!

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    Meow! Sounds like cat nippin’ fun.