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First Look At The Official Star Wars Battlefront Reveal Trailer

EA and Playstation made a huge impression on the gamers attending Star Wars Celebration this week with the debut of the Star Wars Battlefront trailer. This trailer looks as amazing and cinematic which brings into question whether or not the real game will be anything close to this. Although the trailer has a “Game Engine Footage” notice, this only tells us that this is what the Frostbite 3 Engine is capable of. This doesn’t represent actual gameplay or actual graphic rendering and resolution that will appear on consoles and PCs when this game drops on November 17, 2015. Playstation is getting promotion ahead of Xbox with this trailer, however the game will be available on both PS4 and Xbox One on launch day.

However, it still looks really awesome, and it looks like the Star Wars game that fans have been looking for. Preordering is available now with early access to DLC content, including the Battle of Jakku, the new planet debuted in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer. In the game you will be able to play out the battle (the remnants of which we are seeing in the new trailer) that happened 30 years before the movie takes place. So let us know GeekGirl World, will you be buying this new game from EA?

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