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Dog Day Sunday: Daisy the Beast

Happy Dog Day Sunday!

Meet my fur-daughter Daisy. When I first laid eyes on her, she was just a tiny, spunky puppy, jumping on top of her brothers in a box. Now she’s almost 6 (and still as tough as ever). Daisy is half chihuahua and half rat terrier, but if she were human, she’d be part Xena: Warrior Princess and part Tank Girl (with just a touch of Julia Roberts).

She is a ferocious beast who secretly has a heart of gold (but don’t tell anyone— it would ruin her street cred). She likes playing tug-of-war, going on really (and I mean REALLY) long walks, eating bones, barking at killers/ninjas/ghosts/everyone, and cuddling with her fur-bro Shadow.

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