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So… A Ned Flanders Metal Band Exists

…Or as they call it, a ‘Nedal’ band.

Okilly Dokilly is a Pheonix based band that is completely inspired by Ned Flanders, Homer’s super religious, nonsense sprouting neighbor on The Simpsons.

The band consists of five members: Head Ned, Bled Ned, Red Ned, Thread Ned, and Stead Ned. Each of them dresses exactly like Ned Flanders, donning green sweaters, pink collars, glasses, and some super dank mustachios.

Okilly Dokilly in all their diddly dang glory (Facebook)

And it’s not just their outfits that are Flanders themed, the band claims that their song lyrics are all based off of Flanders quotes.

So where the hell did this outlandish (but lets face it, pretty awesome) band theme come from?

“Myself and our drummer were in line at a grocery store, entertaining ourselves by coming up with really cutesy names for really hardcore, brutal bands,” lead singer Head Ned told Rip It Up.

“The name Okilly Dokilly came up and was very funny to us – we ran with it. I contacted a few friends, and here we are.”

They consider their sound “Not as fast as Bartcore, and a little cleaner than Krusty Punk.”

You can hear Okilly Dokilly rock their finely pressed socks in Pheonix, Arizona on September 5. Or, you know, just listen to them online like normal people.

Let’s see the band try to pull off this outfit during their show, though:

Ugh. Stupid sexy Flanders.

Do you love it, hate it, or are you just downright confused? Let us know in the comments below!

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