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10 Amazing & Geeky Watermelon Carvings

It’s National Watermelon Day! Because as we all know, absolutely everything needs its own day.

Some see this delicious and gigantic fruit as a refreshing treat for the summer months, but for the creative minds of the world, watermelons provide artists with an opportunity to showcase their amazing carving skills.

Pumpkins are overrated, anyways (that’s totally a lie).

Check out ten of our favorite geeky carvings from across the interwebs:



Watermelon Totoro, black soot balls, and little apple boy. Enjoy your party @milk_and_rice! 🍉

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Another photo because I think he's my favourite.

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How did I do this? One word. PRAYER. ☝🏻️

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Game Of Thrones, Jon Snow. #watermelonArt #gameOfThrones #jonsnow #robtheoriginal #themajestic #artist

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Which carving was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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