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Dog Day Sunday: The Importance of Keeping your Animal Safe.


We try to keep thinks light heartened and fun on dog day Sunday, but this week I had a close friend of mine lose his dog to an accident in a matter of seconds.

You never realize how important your dog is to you till they’re gone.  The below story may seam like a one in a million chance, but life is a service of chances and events that make up our lives.

A long time friend of mine named Ryan posted a picture on Thursday with his brand new puppy named Stevie.  He was literally the cutest little French Bull Dog I had ever seen.  Who am I kidding… French Bull dogs are all adorable and I think everyone should have one.  Well, that is if you want one.

The original picture was followed by many more adorable ones, but twenty four hours later my friend had to make what was surely an extremely difficult post.

Stevie had broken his neck.

He had gotten on top of a box and fallen. Ryan had heard a yelp and went running, but it was already too late.

Stevie was gone and even the vet said nothing could have been done.  Even I, who had never meet him, was brought to tears by the event and my heart goes out to Ryan and his family in their time of sadness.

Trying to keep anyone safe – animals and humans alike – is a very hard job and takes super vigilance in doing so.  So remember to always keep the people, animals and anything you hold dear close to your heart as you never know how long your time together will be.

Ryan and Ashley, I hope things get easier for you over the following months,  and Im here is you ever need an ear.



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