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Then and Now

I started blogging as GeekGirl World over 2 years ago. My mission then was to show people that you could be a girly girl and still be into geeky things. Growing up, I was a closet geek. Only my family and close friends knew that I collected figurines, read comics, and that I was a Batman fanatic.

As I got older, I began to let my geek flag fly. Working in tech support and IT departments, I was often the only girl in a sea of guys. Sometimes I would find it difficult to be taken seriously, because one minute I could be talking about my favorite pair of heels and then the next minute I would be troubleshooting the network. Geeks aren’t supposed to care about what is in style for the fall, or what color palette goes the best with their face.

Or are they?

I’m a girl, and I like being a girl. I like looking sexy, getting my hair and nails done, wearing heels, and make-up. The size of my chest and the size of my brain are pretty relative. Both are large! My reasons for GeekGirl World are pretty much the same now as they were when I came up with the idea 2 years ago. It’s just now, I have a larger site, and others who share a similar vision to help me with it.

I want people to feel proud that they are geeks, and change the connotation of the word from something awkward and shameful, to something more celebratory. Be confident in the fact that you know what color the sky is on the planet Gallifrey.

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