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American Justice and Casey Anthony

I will be the first one to tell you that the justice system in the US has its flaws. However, it has never been more apparent than with the recent acquittal of Casey Anthony in the death of her 2 year old daughter Caylee.

I don’t understand how the jury could convict her on the perjury charges, and not on the murder charges. She lied to the police about what happened for weeks. If she was innocent, and it was an accidental death like they say, then why lie?

As a mother, could never imagine harming a child, especially my own. I may joke around and tell people I will sell her for cheap, but in all honesty that is my baby, and I couldn’t fathom going on living if she weren’t in the world. Casey Anthony never seemed like a distraught or remorseful mother. She never appeared to have that anguished look that a mother has when you know your child is hurt or missing. In fact, most of the time she looked glib.

Well, I guess there is some justice in this world, because now she is so infamous and hated by the American public that she can’t even get a job in porn. You know it is bad, and you are damaged goods when even the only recession proof industry in the world wont even touch you with a ten foot stripper pole.

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