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Nintendo Drops the Price on 3DS

Nintendo 3ds

The 3DS hasn’t been doing as well as expected since it’s release. Recently, it has been to blame for less than stellar Q1 earnings that saw former president Hiroshi Yamauchi lose more than $300 million of his net worth in a massive Nintendo stock nosedive. Now, to help boost the profile of the 3DS, Nintendo is slashing prices, embracing legacy content, and introducing a loyalty program. Oh my!

If you have already shelled out the $269 to purchase a 3DS, or plan to before August 11th, then you can become a part of Nintendo’s Ambassador Program. If you sign on to their eShop via your 3DS at least once between now and August 11th, you are automatically entered into the program. What comes with being an ambassador? You get 20 free downloads; 10 NES Virtual Console games, and 10 Game Boy Advanced Virtual Console games. Not a bad incentive for those of you who were forward thinking enough to snatch up the 3DS at its current price point. While the 10 NES Virtual Console games will become available to all 3DS owners through Nintendo’s eShop at some point, the company only plans to release the 10 Game Boy Advanced Virtual Console games to their Ambassador Program participants.

For the rest of you who were smart enough to wait for the inevitable bottom to drop out of Nintendo’s over inflated pricing, you can get your 3DS at the nice affordable price of $169 beginning on August 12th.


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