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DC Comics and Me

The recent news about DC firing nearly all of their female staff has been disturbing to me. Do I think that it was a gender based firing? No, I just think that corporations don’t readily consider things like “We need to look for and retain female talent.” I honestly believe that when the execs looked at the numbers they went “Oh Crap! We just may have alienated a large portion of our reader base.” Their response on their official blog is consistent with that line of thinking.

I guess the question is, do we punish DC for not thinking along gender lines when they began this quest to reshape their company and their catalog? With the release of 52 new issue number 1s in the next few weeks, they are taking a big risk in trying to rejuvenate their fanbase with the potential of alienating hard core fans.

But hard core fans don’t keep companies afloat in hard times.

Even though I am dismayed by the lack of female representation in DC’s workplace, I’m still a DC girl at heart, and I am just a little bit excited at the possibility of starting over, and getting back into the storylines. However, I think people should look at this as an opportunity to discover more independent artists and comic book creators.

We can’t just look to the mainstream for solutions as to why there aren’t that many female artists being published. We can’t just blame the mainstream for there not being enough strong female lead characters. We need to seek out and support the struggling artists that are out there so that the mainstream can’t ignore them.

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