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Is Your Fantasy Football Team Ready For Some Football?

nfl-fantasy-logo-235x235The season officially starts tonight, so how many of you think you are actually ready to be competitive in your leagues? If you are a serious player, you’ve already been doing your research, and have probably had your line-up set since last week. Here are five tips to make sure that you get off to the right start with your team this season and get into the playoffs.

1. Always check game time status.
Some players may be questionable and a game time decision. You always want to check these players at least ten to fifteen minutes before game time to be sure if they are starting or not. You could bench a player due to questionable status for injuries, and then all of the sudden, he is starting, and that could cost you major points. Or the other side to this is that you have a guy in that you know always plays injured, but this week the coach is saying no, and he’s on the sidelines while you get a big fat zero next to his name on your roster. Always check no matter what.

2. Have enough running backs and wide receivers.
In most leagues, these are the guys that are the workhorses, and make the most points for the fantasy team. You should always stack your team with running backs, wide receivers, and flex players to maximize on your point potential. Keep a look out for guys that fly under the radar through the season, but stay consistent in point averages. Sleepers can be great pickups on the waiver wire, or free agency when you need to cover bye weeks. They can also be good trade material or replacements if you find yourself in a bind due to injuries.

3. Always have a backup quarterback, but never have more than two QBs on your roster.
It’s good to get your backup QB early in the season, or even during your draft, because if your league isn’t too deep, you may be stuck with someone who will put the rest of your roster in jeopardy. There aren’t many elite QB out there. You want to have at least a starting QB who is consistent, and then someone who can replace your starter if he goes out in the first game like Tom Brady did in 2009. Also, you don’t want to wait around for your QB bye week to pick up someone. Better to have him sitting on your bench to go in during the bye, and drop him after, than scrambling to find someone who will maintain your winning average. Having more than 2 QBs is a waste of valuable roster space, though. They don’t make good trade material at all unless an elite QB like Tom Brady goes out for the season in the first game.

4. A kicker is a kicker is a kicker.
The kicker position is the easiest position to fill in fantasy football, because kickers are always consistent and are going to get their points. If they aren’t, then they aren’t playing. No team is going to keep a kicker who consistently misses. It’s just not done. Ever. If your kicker is scoring less than 3 points a week, time to get a new kicker and there are always plenty out there to get. Never have more than one kicker on your roster. During the bye you can drop your kicker, pick up a new one, and possibly finish out the season with the new kicker no problem because…well…it’s a kicker!

5. Enjoy the game!
Don’t forget that this is football, and it is meant to be intense, exciting, and fun! Watch the games, watch your league match, chat up with your friends about the plays, and above all else don’t let people tell you that NFL stands for the No Fun League!

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