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Fantasy Football Is Not Just For Jocks

There are many comparisons on the internet that date back to the inception of fantasy football that it is nothing more than Dungeons and Dragons for jocks. However, while sports is usually associated with jocks, the fantasy football game itself is separate from that, and saying that it is just for jocks implies that geeks don’t play sports, geeks aren’t spectators of sports, and geeks don’t like sports. Conversely it reinforces that stereotype that jocks aren’t smart, nor do the have any interests outside of their sporting life. Both of those images between jocks and geeks are simply not always the case, and poor generalizations.

Which brings it back to the topic at hand, fantasy football. Some may question its value as a game and a worthwhile pastime. Some may say that only jocks would know enough about the game and its players to be any good at it. But just like any other game out there, you have rules and strategies that you can apply to it. You don’t have to have ever played actual football to enjoy and win at fantasy football. You just have to have a love for the game, a love for statistics, and a competitive spirit. Those are qualities that exist in both geeks and jocks alike when you are talking about sports. Fantasy football offers the chance for us all to be competitive together and with each other, instead of one side being in the game, and the other side just cheering on. It gives a person the chance to take an active interest in a lot more that is happening on the field than just whether or not their favorite team is winning.

I am a huge fantasy football player. I love sports, but especially football. Being a girl, I have never played the game, but still I love the excitement of watching it. I love the intensity that the players bring to the field. I think of them as gladiators; warriors going into battle with every thing they have, putting every thing on the line to win. I can remember sitting next to my grandfather on Sundays, while he would watch the games with two TVs on top of each other (before there was a thing called picture-in-picture). Now I get to share that love of the game with other fans, and not just cheering for my favorite team, or going to watch it live. I get to be invested, like I would be invested in the outcome of any game play. Yes, you can be into sports, and still retain your geek cred. Yes, fantasy football may be like D&D; you choose your warriors to go into battle for you each week. And just like D&D, geeks and girls play it a lot.

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