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Show Me Your Pink!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the United States. I feel very strongly about this cause, but not because I have been affected by it. I do not personally know anyone who has had breast cancer. It hasn’t struck down any of my friends, or my family. However, as a woman, I don’t want to wait until it does before I act.

No one really knows what the cause of breast cancer is, and it affects women of all races. It also doesn’t discriminate against age, because women in their early 20’s have been diagnosed with the disease. The best weapon against breast cancer is awareness. Spread the word about early detection, mammograms, and research.

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ID:	110I guess it is no big secret that I love pink, and it is my favorite color. The funny thing is that it didn’t become my favorite color until I found out I was going to become the mother of a baby girl. Before I became a mom-to-be, I always loved blues, but when I started thinking about my baby girl and what kind of person she would be, I kept seeing the color pink. Pink stole my heart away, just like my Mini Me did when she was born. Pink is her favorite color, and was one of her first words. It definitely was the first color she ever recognized by name and learned how to spell!

I designed this T-shirt to show my support for breast cancer awareness. I will be designing a breast cancer awareness themed tee every day in October, and offering them for sale on my Zazzle shop!. I pledge $1 of every breast cancer awareness T-shirt I sell to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, so they can continue to fight the good fight and race for a cure!

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