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My Football Picks for Week 7

Looks like I’ve been skipping the odd week or too. Things have been so busy and hectic for me with many projects underway. I am, however, number 1 in the rankings for my league which is good for me. A win this week and a win next week and I am in the play offs! I was the number one seed for the playoffs last year, but I lost the championship and ended up in second place. This year I plan to win it all!

Anyway so according to week 5 with only 13 games my picks were 8-5 which kind of brings my average down a bit. I seriously think Seattle and Oakland winning on the road that week was a fluke, but maybe the Raiders are for real this year. Seattle definitely is not, but I’m going to go with them anyway. Hopefully I am better this week

Here are my picks in Bold

Washington at Carolina
Seattle at Cleveland
Atlanta at Detroit
Denver at Miami
San Diego at N.Y. Jets
Chicago at Tampa Bay
Houston at Tennessee
Pittsburgh at Arizona
Kansas City at Oakland
St. Louis at Dallas
Green Bay at Minnesota
Indianapolis at New Orleans
Baltimore at Jacksonville

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