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Interview with Kine of Ingri:Dahl – Designer 3D Glasses

IMG_3805.largeEveryone has had this experience…

You go to the theater to watch an epic 3D movie, and they give you some cheap uncomfortable 3D glasses to put on that may or may not have been cleaned from the previous wearer, and you find yourself throughout the movie trying to position them so they are not irritating the bridge of your nose. Or if you are really unfortunate, you are wearing the uncomfortable contraptions over a pair of your own glasses, which doubles the amount of irritation, and takes away from your viewing enjoyment!

Well, twin sisters Kine and Einy Paulsen decided enough was enough, and that they were going to change the way we view 3D movies. By blending style, grace, comfort, and then mixing that with 3D technology, they came up with a line of designer 3D glasses. Ingri:Dahl is their vision of adding fashion and class to an important piece of the 3D experience that is often overlooked.

Recently, Kine and Einy have taking their vision to Kickstarter, and have launched a campaign to help fund their new Spring Collection. I had the opportunity to chat personally with Kine about Ingri:Dahl and what they think about 3D technology.

Ari: How did you get started making 3d glasses?

Kine: We started talking about what would later become Ingri:Dahl, when we went to see a 3D movie a couple of years back. We loved the movie, but hated the glasses! So, we put our business minds together, combined with our love for fashion, and decided to start a company designing our own glasses.

Ari: What inspires your unique fashion sense?

Kine: We get inspiration from all over: in LA traffic, drinking a latte, or even at the gym. Our main inspiration throughout our collections are classic Hollywood movies and icons. A lot of our research before we designed our first model “Popcorn” was spent looking at pictures from this era – and it was impossible not to get inspired! We decided that we want to bring that elegance and glamor back to today’s Hollywood. At the same time we were born and raised in Norway, so we’ve designed our glasses with the simple lines that Scandinavian design is famous for.

Ari: Any thoughts on what defines geek fashion or the fashionably geek?

Kine: Geek fashion is usually ahead of the curve, and it is combined with something from the “geeky” world. Our glasses are fashionable, but at the same time they are functional for someone who loves 3D movies, has a 3D TV or is a 3D gamer.

Ari: What was your favorite movie in 3D? And why is it your favorite?

Kine: We have so many favorites, but two that we really like are Avatar and TinTin. Both have amazing stories, as well as exceptional 3D effects.

Ari: How do you see 3D technology evolving?

Kine: 3D is just getting more and more common, and the technology is getting better too. Towards the end of 2011, we have seen that people have preferred the 3D version to the traditional 2D movie format, and that 3D TV and 3D gaming has become more popular. Sony also announced here in the US that they will no longer pay for the 3D glasses that the audience get for free at the movie theater, meaning that people have to bring their own pair, and hopefully the premium of 3D movie tickets will decrease. 2012 is going to be a great year for 3D. A lot of classic movies are being remade in 3D, in addition there are some great new movies that we are looking forward to.

Ari: Do you prefer going to the theater over watching a movie at home? And why?

Kine: Nothing beats the big screen with the loud sounds through the movie theater surround system.

Ari: Have you faced any challenges as female entrepreneurs?

Kine: Starting a company from scratch comes with a lot of challenges, not sure if our challenges were greater because we are female. In certain situations we have felt that people didn’t take us as seriously as we would like, but I think that was more related to the fact we are so young. At the same time, I think that we are young has opened a lot of doors. People always get really excited to support when we say we just graduated college.

Ari: What advice do you have for other women who have an idea they want to develop?

Kine: Do it! You really have nothing to lose. Even in worst case scenario you will have learned tons that no class could ever teach you! We have also met some great people that we would never have met if it wasn’t for that we took this dive.

Find out more about Ingri:Dahl and the twins, Kine and Einy, by visiting the following links:


Also, get involved in funding their Spring Collection and view the list of awesome prizes they are offering for pledges on their Kickstarter page at:

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