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Top Five Twitter Blunders of 2011

Twitter is known for its real-time knee-jerk reaction responses to social events and what is going on in the world. It has become a powerful social media tool since its inception. However, many of us never think about the consequences of our tweets. Here are some big names that may wish they would have taken a step back and paused before hitting that “tweet this” button.

Godaddy elephant

1.Bob Parsons tweeting a picture of an elephant he shot dead.

Not a very good look for the Go Daddy CEO. Animal lovers all over followed suit after PETA closed their Go Daddy account down once the CEO made that disastrous tweet. For a company that is known for their flashy commercials with big busty girls and Danica Patrick to sell domain services, you would think they would know a thing or two about social marketing. Go Daddy is still feeling the internet backlash over their “I was for it before I was against it” stance on the SOPA Bill in the House of Representatives.

Gilbert Gottfried

2. Gilbert Gottfried and his break-up.

Sure, lots of people take to twitter to voice their heartbreak. You will usually find you get an outpouring of sympathy and support from a ton of people you may never meet. However, it was not the best idea to tie that in with a joke about a natural disaster that claimed the lives of thousands of people and had an entire country heartbroken. Especially when you are the voice of a well publicized duck who is the mascot for an insurance company with major ties to said country. Although, this lost him the Aflac gig, didn’t everyone think that Gilbert Gottfried was dead before this?

Ryan Dunn

3. Roger Ebert’s lesson about drunk driving.

No one likes an “I told you so,” or a “that’s what you get.” Even if all the person comes away with is a scratch, it’s still like sticking a knife in an open wound to hear those phrases from anyone when you have a stupid accident and get hurt. But this was more than just a stupid accident. It was a tragic end to a young life. At least wait a few days, maybe even weeks, or months before you start with the “that’s what you gets.”


4. Chrysler not having a good day on the commute.

Let’s just say that there is no one, in the entire world, who knows how to drive. Period. That way we can be completely honest and not blame any one set of drivers, from any one country or town for bumper to bumper traffic jams, and looky-loos causing more accidents than the ones they are looking at. Let’s also include the professional drivers in that number. The ones who text, tweet, and are just generally distracted by anything that moves in their peripheral vision. So no, the problem is not localized to Detroit, but there’s a good bet Chrysler narrowed the responsibility for that tweet.


5. Kenneth Cole wants revolutionaries to dress their best.

Love Kenneth Cole as a designer. As a marketing expert, salesman, or promoter? Meh, maybe, not so much. Hashtags are a great easy way to add more visibility to your tweets on twitter. If you are tweeting something relevant to a trending topic, then more than likely that tweet will get seen by more than just your followers. But don’t fish for relevance, and append just any trending topic hashtag to a tweet, because you are likely to get ignored. Unless you are Kenneth Cole, who we still love as a designer!

Honorable Mention: Newt Gingrich buying followers.

Come on! That has to be the most desperate social act since buying a date for the prom. Which oddly enough it is comparable too. Better yet, buying twitter followers is kind of like buying votes. Seriously, every one knows that the quickest way to get new followers is to join in on the #FOLLOWFRIDAY #TEAMFOLLOWBACK, #BIELEBERS and #WELOVEMILEY hashtag rounds! (We only endorse the #FOLLOWFRIDAY #FF hashtags because we approve of their message.)

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