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I’ve Got A Bad Feeling About This


So in a promotional tie-in with the release of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, French burger chain Quick has created two Star Wars inspired burgers. Now, I love Star Wars promotional tie-ins as much as the next geek. I remember going to Pizza Hut just to collect the stickers and drink toppers that were promotional items when Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace first opened in theaters back in 1999. However, there is something about messing with my food, that irks me.

Now the “Dark” burger, looks like it will be an edible choice. It’s basically a double cheeseburger on a bun topped with black and red sesame seeds. But then you have the two other burgers that are part of this promotion; the “Jedi” burger and the “Dark Vador” burger.


Why would anyone want to eat a burger that looks like it is stuffed between two large pieces of charcoal? Because that is what this “Dark Vador” burger looks like. The “Jedi” burger is kind of suspect because those look like marshmallows? They could be really huge roughly chopped onions, but either option is not appealing. Given the amount of suspect “white pellets” that you see in the picture, if those are marshmallows, then ewww, (which would offend me as a Star Wars fan because I think adding marshmallows to a burger inspired by Jedi implies that Jedi are soft!) and if those are onions, yuck and don’t kiss anybody after you have a bite of that!

I’m kind of glad this burger is only available in France for a limited time. I REALLY hope the fast food chains here don’t try to duplicate the idea. Fast food here is bad enough.

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