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What To Expect At The 2012 International CES?

A lot, that’s what!

CES buzz is reaching its height as the worlds largest trade show is set to open in fabulous Las Vegas tomorrow. LG has already announced two devices that it will be unveiling at the show; their new Spectrum smartphone (expected to launch on January 19) and what is being touted as the new standard of HDTV, the thinnest 55 inch OLED screen to hit the market at 3/16 of an inch thick (4 mm) and only 16.5 pounds!

Microsoft recently announced that this will be its last appearance at the technology trade show, for a while, which sparked industry talk about this being the the downfall of the trade show giant. Even though attendance numbers have been down in recent years due to the economic slow down in the United States and other parts of the world, this year is expected to be the second largest in the 45 year history of the CES trade show.

There is still a lot of innovation and excitement to be found at CES with all the new categories of exhibition that have been added this year. Instead of always being a showcase of what the big industry players have to offer in the upcoming year, CES is taking a more broad reaching approach and offering exhibition space to technology start-ups and app makers. You will also see a few car makers at CES this year to unveil plans for integration in their upcoming models. Mercedes-Benz will give a keynote on Tuesday.

“There is no shortage of companies that frankly beg us to keynote, [The opening speech is] considered the most high-profile keynote in the world.” – Gary Shapiro, CEO of the CEA

So even without Microsoft in the upcoming years, expect CES to grow with the expectations of a rapidly changing technology filled world.

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