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If Darth Vader Drove A Car…

west-coast-customs-vader-ride-02If the Sith Lord, Darth Vader, drove a car, this would be it! In the latest edition of Velocity Channel’s Inside West Coast Customs, huge Star Wars fan Ryan Friedlinghaus, was tapped by Lucasfilm & ILM to create a Star Wars themed car. After an initial design meeting with top ILM designers, it was decided that West Coast Customs would build a car that Darth Vader would want to drive. The result was this tricked out Volkswagon Passat “Vader Car” equipped with red glowing lights and black matte trim over a black glossy finish.


“This was one of those ones that was obviously very personal to me. I mean, words can’t express how excited I was to build this car, and to get the reaction that I got today, I think it hit home. We didn’t overdo it where, I was worried, you know, if do we too much its gonna just look cheesy, it’s not gonna represent the brand the way we want to represent it. This car you can actually get in and drive it. People will look at it and say ‘Wow, that’s and awesome car.'” -Ryan Friedlinghaus


The car will be on display in Orlando at Star Wars Celebration VI from August 23rd-26th and you can win tickets to go see it. All you have to do is visit either the West Coast Customs or Star War Celebration VI websites to enter.

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