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Day 1 at NAB

nab-showNAB is the National Association of Broadcasters, and they have one of the largest annual tradeshows in Las Vegas. NAB focuses on the technical side of the television, radio, and film industries, offering its exhibitors a chance to show off new products and technology, and its attendees the change at information sessions and education to help them succeed in their fields.

Even though the crowds were large, we got in and got our badges printed fairly easily. There was so much to see. The Las Vegas Convention Center is like a small town in itself so there is a lot of ground to cover. We went to the big name booths like Sony, Panasonic, Canon, and JVC. Mainly the theme this year was 3D. With the huge resurgence of 3D films, and its perception change from marketing gimmick to actual movie feature, 3D is now becoming the big thing in television and online production as well. Everywhere you looked there were companies talking about how to do 3D with them.

GoPro, who produces the HD cameras Hero and Hero2 were showing off their 3D rig which is just two of their cameras in a case with one turned upside down. The 3D film it captured was still amazing, and it was really interesting to see the great quality 3D filming you could get with just two small cameras. Their booth, I have to say, was my favorite because not only did they have a great design and great product to show off, but they also had a Ford GT40 and a Porche 911, both racing editions sitting in their booth tricked out with their cameras and rigs!

Another theme this year has been the 4K technology. It seemed like all the 4k theaters were crowded and hard to get into, so I took a pass on the first day, preferring to just go through the booths, look around and test the equipment. Since NAB is here for 4 days, I do plan to go back and see at least one of the theaters because 4K is definitely a technology that is getting a lot of buzz throughout the industry.

All in all it was a great experience, and even though I am so sore for doing a lot of walking, XD I had fun! If you are going to be at NAB this week, let me know!

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