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Review: CLiNT Magazine Issue 2.1

Clint2.1_CoverThe new retooled volume of CLiNT magazine hit comic stores last week. The comics magazine is edited by none other than the creator of popular graphic novels Kick-Ass and Wanted, Mark Millar, and features four new comic series as well as exclusive creator content you wont find anywhere else.

Two of the series are created by Millar himself. On “Supercrooks”, Millar is paired with artist Leinil Yu, while on “The Secret Service” he teams up with legendary artist Dave Gibbons (Watchmen) and director Matthew Vaughn (Kick-Ass, X-Men: First Class). Let me just say, that Supercrooks had me at the first panel. Any series that starts off in my home town of Las Vegas, has me as a personal fan. Of course the action begins very quickly and you are invested in what is going to happen next.

Millar also shares exclusive details on the upcoming movies he is working on with Millarworld, namely Kick-Ass 2, Supercrooks (being done in conjunction with the comic in collaboration with Matthew Vaughn), and American Jesus.

Secret Service 2“Everything that I’ve done, movie-wise, I’ve gotten a little more involved. On Wanted, I was just involved at a tangent, I’d just come in for meetings and watch footage. With Kick-Ass, I was very involved from the beginning, from the two month when the screenplay was being put together, though costume designs and all of that. And from that, to Supercrooks, American Jesus and Kick-Ass 2, which will feel incredibly hands-on.” -Mark Millar

CLiNT, however, is not just Mark Millar’s vehicle. The series “Death Sentence” provides a gritty sensationalistic take on the Hollywood culture without the glamor. Writer Monty Nero and artist Mike Dowling present a sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll scene that will make even the most hardened partier shudder. Then we have Frank Boyle’s “Rex Roid”, which is a very twisted introduction to a superhero with some all too familiar and human issues. Mike Dowling’s artwork brings Frank Boyle’s suburban/reality TV transposed story about the daily life of superheros, and their villianous foes to the pages with exceptional clarity and the same intesity he uses on “Death Sentence”.

As expected, CLiNT is a breed onto itself. It is not your average comic periodical, and probably is the only one of it’s kind out there. The series in this revamped new first edition of the latest volume are unflinching on some very hardcore subject matters. But it’s no less than what you would expect from Millar who has been pushing the conventional boundaries of comics since the 1990’s. Death Sentence 1

If you love hard core stories, with stellar top notch artwork, and indepth behind the scenes exclusives with the creators, then you should pick up CLiNT. Right now, you can take advantage of an exclusive subscription offer. Get 9 issues of CLiNT at a savings 20%, plus a FREE signed Dave Gibbons “The Secret Service” Art Card! Hurry, only 200 signed Dave Gibbons Art Cards available!

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