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A Little Over A Year Ago

It has been a little over a year since I relaunched my personal blog as a website. Overall, I consider it to be a success and I am going to continue to build on that foundation and grow this site. I want people to see GeekGirl World as a portal for news and information from a feminine perspective; to let others know that there are so many smart, talented, savvy, and beautiful people out there in the world. I want people know that it is okay to care about pop culture, and still have your eye on the latest code platform. I want people to realize that you can still be a gamer, and still make time to be a wife, mother, a student. I want people to learn that caring about being fit and looking your best, doesn’t mean you don’t have a brain in your head. In short, I want people to know that girls can be geeks, and geeks can be girls! We are often overlooked, and hardly ever marketed too. My goal has always been to change that, and I continue on with that mission.

We have a new writers coming on board, and new things in store. So stay tuned to GeekGirl World, for more interesting things to come. Also if you are interested in writing for the website, please email webmaster@geekgirlworld!

Happy Birthday GeekGirl World! May the next year be even greater!

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