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Wolverine Anime on DVD Review and Giveaway

Wolverine Box ArtWolverine, the anime, hits stores today. The complete 12 episode series from Madhouse and Marvel Television which debuted on Japan television back in January of 2011 and on G4TV in July of that year, is available now in a 2 disc set. New York Times Best Selling Author, Warren Ellis, helped to craft the story line centered around one of Marvel’s most beloved mutant heroes.

The anime begins with the abduction of Logan’s girlfriend, Mariko Yashida a year prior to the main story. Logan (voiced in English by Milo Ventimiglia “Heroes,” “Gilmore Girls”) travels to Japan to find out that the love of his life is being forced to marry Kurohagi, a business partner of her father Shingen, who just happens to be an evil crime lord. Not one to let the girl he loves get away, Logan does what he does best; he starts slashing his way through until he gets to the bottom of whats going on. He is helped on his quest to save Mariko from her loveless arranged marriage by an Yukio, a young assassin.

Madhouse does a really great job with the animation in this edition to their Marvel Anime series. The fight scenes are well drawn and stay true to the anime look and feel. The only exception to this would be the character of Wolverine himself. In this series, he has been given a very lean and long design that is completely unlike is comic book version. The hairstyle is also a departure from the angular cut we are used to in the comics. However, his is not unlike a true anime hero in his design, even if he has a mullet.

Milo Ventimiglia doesn’t have the usual gruffness in his voice that fans have come to associate with Wolverine. You really have to look at this adaptation as not an interpretation but an all together new envisioning of a popular character that has become ingrained in our collective consciousness.

Special features include three new featurettes: The Marvel Anime Universe: Wolverine Reborn, which takes a look at the process involved in creating the series, The Ferocious Anti-Hero: Wolverine Defined which goes into the development of the character, and Wolverine Meets X-Men is an interview with the creators of both Wolverine and the X-Men anime (check out our review.)

We will be giving away one copy of the Wolverine anime. All you have to do is comment on this review, by registering for our site, or like our facebook page and comment there. Contest will end at 12:00pm PST on Friday August 3, 2012. Contest is only open to US residents.

Good Luck!

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