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Tea Review: TARDIS Blend


tardis blend

created by: Cara McGee

Tastes bigger inside the cup [Ethereal earl grey and enchanting black berry with notes of vanilla]

Inspired by BBC’s Doctor Who, which I am in no way affiliated with. This is created purely for my own enjoyment.

My Review

When you open the bag (or tin, as the case may be,) this blend smells just like a blueberry muffin. I’ve made muffins using the Duncan Hines Blueberry Muffin mix (when feeling too lazy to make them from scratch,) and the tea reminds me of that. Which I suppose is kind of funny as there aren’t any blueberries in the ingredients, so… Hmmm.


This is an excellent, fruity tea without being too sweet. As I mentioned above, this first cup I’ve tried plain, and it is absolutely fantastic as is. I steeped a heaping teaspoon in my ingenuiTEA at 212 degrees Fahrenheit for about 4 minutes (again, I enjoy my teas strong.) The scent diminishes noticeably after brewing, so I was wondering if it would taste as sweet as its unsteeped aroma promised.

The Earl Grey Bravo proves the strongest initial flavor (you can taste the citrusy tang of the bergamot and orange rind,) with a pleasant blackberry undercurrent throughout, and a mild vanilla finish that leaves a faintly sweet essence in the mouth without any aftertaste. That zesty bravo creates a rather fresh, expansive feeling, and I could easily drink quite a lot of this tea without any qualms.

I give this blend 5 out of 5 stars. You can purchase it here.

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