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Tea Review: Moriarty Blend


moriarty blend

created by: Cara McGee

Spicy Chai backed by more ginger. Guaranteed to burn the heart out of you. Because that’s what people BREW.

Inspired by BBC’s Sherlock, which I am in no way affiliated with. This is created purely for my own enjoyment.

gingermasala chai

My Review

The first thing I noticed upon opening the bag was the spicy cloves. I love the warm, peaceful nostalgia the scent of cloves evokes. As with all initial tastings, I tried the first cup plain. I steeped a heaping teaspoonful at 212 degrees for about four minutes. I watched the color deepen in my ingenuiTEA until it tea reached an aesthetically pleasing rich cinnamon shade. Pouring it into my cup, the scent of cloves diminished significantly.

The first mouthful was replete with the spicy bite of the cloves, cardamom, and ginger, followed by the warmth of cinnamon, and lastly, a mild aftertaste. The spice of this tea burns pleasantly, lingering, an almost physical feeling of having bitten into ginger. (I must confess I rather adore ginger, so I quite enjoy this.) I tend to inhale deeply before each drink, sort of wakening my olfactory senses and tastebuds. I really do love the spicy warmth of this tea.

As mentioned before, I tried the first cup plain. The second cup I brewed in the same manner, and then added one packet of stevia and a healthy splash of milk. As it ought to, with masala chai as a main component, the blend does fantastically with the additions and the cloves seem to be kicked up a notch in potency. I feel this would be an excellent tea for winter holidays and festivities.

I give it five out of five stars. You can purchase it here.

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