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Tea Review: Everyday Tea


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Over the weekend I was introduced to a British tea brand called Clipper. A good friend told me that it was her favorite tea, even over loose-leaf teas, so I was terribly intrigued. Though I usually prefer loose-leaf teas, I will certainly drink bagged teas. It was what I first started drinking, after all. If a tea is good, it is good, bagged or loose.

From the website:

A bright and robust tea that delivers a full bodied flavour, great for your first cup and all through the day. Blended from fine FAIRTRADE certified estates in India, Africa and Sri Lanka.

My Review

I first tried a taste of the Fairtrade Everyday Tea with nothing added – it was a smooth, unassuming black tea, aptly named. It was also quite hot at 212 degrees and steeped for about 5 minutes. My friend was doing the steeping, so I didn’t have control over that. I would have finished the cup without any additions, but my friend recommended adding a dash of milk and a teaspoon of honey, so that is what I did.

She had also offered trying it with coconut milk, so I did, but it was a very different taste and I am still not entirely sure I liked it. The milk and honey additions, however, I loved. The honey added sweetness and really brought out the flavor of the black tea, and the milk gave it a slightly creamy aspect, providing a nice, substantial feeling. Seriously, I could drink a lot of tea like this.

I give this tea 5 out of 5 stars. I think it is absolutely a tea you could drink every day after (or honestly, during) work, or well, anytime, really. You can browse their other tea options here, or purchase their Fairtrade Everyday tea here.

And yes, I did sign up to become a tea taster. Because, well, really. How could I not? Also, I want to become a Clipper Sipper. Because it would be awesome and I would get to discover more tea blends.

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