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Tea Review: Precious White Peach White Tea


Teavana Precious White Peach White Tea 

Official Description from the Teavana website: 

This pure and delightful peach medley blends sweet dreams with white tea, soft herbs and a delicate fruity flavor for an aromatic calmness that seeps into your night. Warm, light blossoms of Roman chamomile, sunflower petals, lemon myrtle and rosehips create a blush of herbs for hush-filled nights of comfy, peachy sweetness.

Fruity, softly sweet and fragrant with delicate floral undertones

My Review

So, impressions on this tea….. I used my ingenuiTEA to brew a heaping teaspoonful at 212 degrees Fahrenheit. This tea is almost cloyingly sweet when you first open the tin; it is the sweetest-smelling tin of any teas I currently possess (though, to be fair, I haven’t opened my birthday mix sample from Adagio so that might end up being sweeter.) So, if sweet, fruity teas aren’t your thing, you may need to pass on this.


The water turns a very lovely rose color. This is a tea you shouldn’t steep for too long as the sweetness gets heavier and goes into bitterness; I’d say no more than four minutes. Of course, if you like it like that, feel free to do what you will. It’s your tea! Do what you want.

Once brewed, the aroma is still very, very sweet-smelling and fruity, while managing to somewhat elude me with what kind of fruit exactly. It does smell peachy, but honestly, it just smells more sweet to me than anything. The whole thing evokes a calming feeling, and that’s probably due to the inclusion of the Roman chamomile. This would probably be fantastic iced, so I really should try that next time.

The flavor fills your mouth pleasantly, and for all the strength of its scent it isn’t so bad once you drink. That said, I don’t know that anyone would really need to add anything to this tea – I’ve had many, many cups and never once felt the need to add anything. The initial punch of sweet flavor isn’t overpowering, and it is easy to drink several cups in a row and not feel ill in that way one can sometimes become when one has had too much sweetness. It is a surprisingly relaxing blend. You can get a sense of the rose hips and chamomile, and some other herbs just under the surface of flavor, but I can’t seem to identify (perhaps now that I’m really thinking about it, they will come to me later.) I haven’t had much white tea before, so it’s been a novel experience. I think I rather like it.

I gave this tea 4 out of 5 stars. You can purchase it here.

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