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Tea Review: Earl Grey Bravo


Earl Grey Bravo

A classic blend of premium black tea from Sri Lanka, flavored with bergamot (a citrus fruit). The perfect afternoon tea: zesty and exhilarating fresh citrus aroma, slightly dry to the nose, with a rounded and balanced orange rind flavor to match the tang of the Ceylon. Pleasantly dry finish with lingering citrus sweetness.


My Review

This Earl Grey Bravo really zings you with the citrusy tang when you first inhale its aroma. The addition of orange peels increases the zest, I am sure. Earl Grey has always been very distinctive and strong to me in terms of scent and taste, so I am always careful about steeping times. The bergamot can end up especially overpowering, and if oversteeped I find the tea in turns bitter and astringent.

Right when the electric kettle got to boiling, I turned it off and poured the water into my ingenuiTEA containing one teaspoon of Earl Grey Bravo. I let the approximately 14 ounces of water steep for just about 3 minutes before pouring my cup. The citrus aroma decreases considerably, though the taste is still quite distinct from any other tea. The flavor is eg2smooth and rich but still strong. For me, I am not certain that this is a tea that I would indulge in every day. I found this blend to be far less astringent than others, but perhaps that is more due to my careful preparation than how I usually am with bagged versions. I will admit that I can get awfully lazy about that.

I do feel like I need to find and eat (or just….inhale a lot of) some blue cornflowers so I can figure out exactly what flavoring it adds. Has anyone ever seen French Kiss? I’ve always wanted to make a box like the one Kevin Kline had, full of bottles containing different herbs and berries and other natural things that influence the growth of grapes in vineyards. I rather think it’d be the same for tea – knowing the different flowers and leaves that are added to tea blends to create such unique flavors. Perhaps when I have more time, and some disposable income to buy a box and a ton of bottles.

I gave this blend 4 out of 5 stars. You can purchase it here.

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