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Tea Review: Clint Barton Blend


Clint Barton


A slightly playful blend that may be hard to take very seriously, but will prove to be strictly business when under fire.

Based on characters owned by Marvel/Disney. This tea blend is created purely for my own enjoyment.

My Review

It is difficult to define the initial aromatic impressions of this tea upon first opening the bag (and even upon the second time, when I opened the tin.) The freshness of the lemongrass is the most immediately dominant feature of this tea, with some traces of ginger. The assam melody and gunpowder lend a subtle depth to the scent, but it is the lemongrass that impresses the most heavily.

I have had two cups of this tea now, trying to formulate my thoughts on it. I steeped a heaping teaspoonful of the blend at 212 degrees for four minutes the first time, five the second. I did not notice a difference in intensity, so perhaps I should try longer and shorter times to see if that affects anything. barton_tea1

The flavors are clean and crisp and somewhat invigorating, the bite of ginger tempered to a fractional sharpness. I know the Thai Chai descriptions states that there are two different coconut elements in the mix, but I fear they may be eluding me. Of course, on the second cup I had the brilliant idea of aerating mouthfuls of tea to see if I could better differentiate the flavors, but that resulted in a burnt tongue which undoubtedly impeding my tasting abilities. Still, as I sit and take deep inhales of the steaming cup, I can just perceive the coconut notes, which add an almost milky smoothness when drinking. Though there is no aftertaste to speak of, the potency of the ginger and cardamom builds over time, leaving a rather refreshing sense on the palate.

Overall, I cannot escape the impression of crispness. It smells like it should be much more herbal, which I think is the lemongrass’ influence. As the tea cools, it does not get bitter, and the ginger notes really come to the forefront. It makes me wonder how this blend will fare iced. I have the feeling that the lemongrass, ginger, and coconut flavors will really shine through.

Even with the inclusion of assam melody and gunpowder (which can honestly overpower other flavors if the balance isn’t right, such is its flavorful strength,) this is a surprisingly light, refreshing tea, great for a summer afternoon.


I give it 4 out of 5 stars. You can purchase it here.

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