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Tea Review: Thor Blend

Thor Tea (sounds really funny to me)
Thor Tea (sounds really funny to me)

thor blend

created by: Cara McGee

A deep, strong flavor, incredibly masculine, with bright notes of apricot.
Inspired by the Marvel Comics character Thor. I have no affiliation with Marvel or Disney or any of those related companies. This blend is made for my own enjoyment.

My Review

So, right off the bat, I know I’m going to have to brew this a couple more times to really get a feel for the blend. Like the description says, it has a deep flavor. You can certainly smell the sweetness of the apricot, but the taste of it is much more subdued. The toasted mate (as with the Coulson blend) really, really comes through.

The deeper tones of the ceylon and mate are kind of defying my description at the moment – I’m just not sure how to describe it. I think it must be the slight tang of the ceylon sonata I’m noticing? It is pleasant, though.

However, I think I messed up on my first cup and didn’t steep it for long enough and that is probably why I couldn’t quite get a handle on the flavors.

I’ve brewed a second cup: 200 degrees Fahrenheit, 1 heaping teaspoon, around 12 oz of water, steeped for 5 minutes. Opening the tin (as with the original bag) the first thing you smell is the sweetness of the apricot. It’s really quite fruity.

Once brewed, the apricot scent diminishes significantly, though you can still detect it (of course, this could be because I steeped mine for 5 minutes. I got distracted by a game.) It’s not as strong in flavor as I thought it would be; at least, I don’t find it quite as hearty as the Son of Coul blend. Thor is (surprisingly) kind of mellow. Having said that, it still maintains the toasted mate flavor very well, with hints of the sweet taste of apricot that lingers on the tongue.

I enjoy teas that I don’t have to add anything to, and Thor is one of those.

After the second cup, which was about a million times better than the first time round, I give this 4 of 5 stars. You can buy it here.

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