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Tea Review: Reichenbach Recovery Blend


Reichenbach Recovery


Only time will heal your broken heart. Maybe this tea will at least bring a little comfort until Sherlock reappears.

This is purely indulgent. My favorite tea for a while has been Earl Grey bravo, with a dash of hazelnut syrup (it’s what I order at coffee shops when I go with my friends, since I don’t drink coffee). It’s a very comforting taste to me, and the flavors all go surprisingly well together. It’s a bit like fresh baked cookies.

earl grey bravohazelnutcaramel


My Review

The scents of hazelnut and caramel hit first and strongest, sweet and nutty and warm, though tempered by the Earl Grey Bravo. Perhaps this is because I just got the shipment a little while ago, and it is abysmally hot in Modesto at the moment so the package was also pretty warm. Maybe the heat awoke the hazelnut and caramel in the tin. Once brewed (I did my by-now-customary 212 degrees Fahrenheit, 1 heaping teaspoon, steep for 5 minutes) the aroma is still sweet and warm but slightly muted, almost heavier, if that makes any sense.

Cup 1: Oh my god, yes, this tea does taste like Froot Loops. Or Fruity Pebbles. Taken without anything, I could have probably steeped it a minute or so less, but at 5 minutes I’m pretty sure Recovery is going to be awesome with milk and sugar. The caramel and Earl Grey Bravo flavors, and a little of the hazelnut, remain slightly in the mouth after drinking. Overall, the cup offers a warm, comforting feeling, and you can forget about whatever is ailing you for a little while.reichenrecovery3

Cup 2: With milk and a very little sugar this time. Even more like a wonderful bowl of bygone breakfasts of my youth. I still have the expectation that I ought to be crunching down on some bit of cereal though, which makes me think this would be an awesome addition to some sort of baked good. Like an oatmeal Recihenbach cookie, maybe. That….actually sounds really good right now.  And yes, this tea really is as soothing and delicious as it seems.

I gave this blend 5 out of 5 stars. I’m so glad I got it in the tin as this is going to be a staple in my tea cupboard, I’m sure. You can purchase it here.

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