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Tea Review: Twinings English Breakfast


Twinings English Breakfast Tea

Now, I know I’ve said that I prefer loose leaf teas, and I do, but I find that there is nothing wrong with enjoying bagged teas as well. In my younger years (and also before I was earning my own income,) I pretty much took what I could get. I think Twinings is my favorite brand of English Breakfast tea, though that may be due more to nostalgia. I plan on trying more Clipper Teas, so Twinings may get dethroned, and I really do love PG tips. Actually, it may prove impossible for me to select a favorite at this point simply because there is still so much more to try (like Taylor’s of HarrogateTetleyAhmadNambarrieLyons, etc.)

Regardless, Twinings’ English Breakfast has always been my “comfort cuppa” and I prefer it with milk and sugar. I heat up the water (now that I’ve got an electric kettle, boiling all the way, baby,) put my tea bag in my cup, and pour the water in. Now, the tea bag, upon opening its individual wrapping, has a weak aroma (contrary to what I remember) so I twining2wasn’t sure if this batch would be all that good. I let it steep for at least 3 minutes, but often closer to 5 minutes. I usually wait until the tea looks very, very dark. Then I remove the tea bag, wringing it against my spoon to get all the lovely flavor I can, and add milk and a teaspoon of sugar. If you refer to the picture above, that’s about the color I get after adding milk, although on average it’s generally a shade darker, like the color of a mocha latte. (Someone wasn’t paying attention this time round and over-poured her milk. It happens.)

I’ve always enjoyed the flexibility of this blend. While I can drink it plain, I vastly prefer the creamier feeling and taste of adding milk and sugar. There’s also a bit of an aftertaste (though I am used to it) that is definitely mitigated with the addition of milk and sugar. However, it is not bitter, and maintains a robust flavor despite not having a robust aroma. Although… I seem to remember the bagged tea having a stronger aroma years ago? And actually…. I prefer the loose leaf version of this tea, but the tea bags are perfectly acceptable, particularly in a pinch. I often enjoy this tea with some kind of pastry, and it makes for a delightful break in the afternoon.

I gave this blend 4 out of 5 stars.

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