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Xbox Expected This Year

Xbox 360 with Kinect

The gaming world has been buzzing with excitement since Sony announced the PS4 last week. But for Microsoft, the Japanese electronics company didn’t announce new technology, but rather a declaration of war. Now, Microsoft is making their move and has a simple message for Sony: its game on.

Less than 24 hours after Sony’s announcement, the domain was registered by Eventcore – a company responsible for the planning of large, professional events, including the 2013 AT&T developer summit.

With this new development, It’s now evident that Microsoft is planning on revealing the Xbox this year.

And because the race is now on for the Xbox to be released in time to compete with the PS4 during the holiday shopping season, we can expect a large, and likely live, announcement by Microsoft within the coming months. This will likely happen before this summer’s E3 expo, which was originally rumored to be the stage for the Xbox’s release.

But we’re going to have to wait until that official announcement to get any details about the newest heir to the Xbox throne. The tight-lipped Microsoft has yet to reveal (or leak) any information about the new Xbox’s hardware, appearance, or features to the public. Even the popularized name of the new console, the Xbox 720, is still a matter of speculation.

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2 thoughts on “Xbox Expected This Year

  1. So while we can still speculate, what do you guys want to see from the new xbox?

  2. I would never get the new Xbox, because Microsoft clearly doesn’t care about their core audience and let a woman get practically harassed on stage during a demonstration. If I get a new console, it’ll be the PS4.

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