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College Humor’s Social Media Campaign For Dreadlock Banana


College Humor has stepped up to help out a guy who reportedly lost all $2,600 of his life savings at a carnival game. Yes, you read that correctly.

The popular site has launched a “Like This Post” campaign where each like on this specific post¬†will put $0.10 towards the $2,600 purchase price that College Humor plans to offer Henry Gribbohm, the New Hampshire man with bad luck at the carnival, for his giant stuffed dreadlock banana.

Gribbohm says he got caught up in the moment before realizing he had blown through $2,600 while trying to win his kids an Xbox 360. Instead of winning the top prize of the Xbox, all he walked away with was an oversized stuffed banana. Gribbohm now claims the game was rigged, and is contemplating a lawsuit while police are investigating whether any fraud occurred. The carnival operators did give Gribbohm $600 of his money back when he returned the next day to complain, which incidentally is more than enough to buy a 250GB Xbox 360 Kinect bundle at the Microsoft Store.

College Humor states that this is no laughing matter, and they are completely serious about buying the banana for a $2,600 price tag. They have even upped the ante where if they get 30,000 likes, they will buy the banana and the Xbox that Gribbohm was trying to win.

Considering how much advertising revenue and hits could be potentially generated by this one post, College Humor might be getting off cheaply, and getting a nice stuffed banana in the process.

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