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Are We Brainwashed By Beauty?

Dustin Hoffman

A recently unearthed video clip of Dustin Hoffman talking about what it was like making his 1982 Academy Award nominated film Tootsie, and also what it was like to see himself as a woman is causing a stir. The distinguished actor has to struggle to keep himself composed as he relays the epiphany he had that as a man he had been brainwashed by our society’s concepts of beauty, attraction, respect for women.

The video was uploaded to the American Film Institute’s Youtube channel last year, but it is making the viral rounds due to coverage on tumblr, The Mary SueUpworthy, and even the Today show website. It has begun to open up an interesting dialog all over the internet about preconceived notions surrounding beauty and its weight as a deciding factor of a woman’s worthiness as a potential romantic interest. Laws of attraction aside, Hoffman’s touching recollection gives us all something to ponder and seriously consider when we think about how we interact on a personal level with others.

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