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Robot Chicken: DC Comics Special Review

RobotChickenDCComicsSpecialConfession: my knowledge of Robot Chicken is dwarfed in comparison to my adoration of DC comics. (Hey, you try bring a poor kid with no cable! It’s like living in a cave! I didn’t even get wifi until last year! But I digress…) My point is, while I was only vaguely aware of Robot Chicken’s cult following, I had never seen an episode of the Emmy-winning show. Still, I was really excited to see how some of my favorite comic book characters would be portrayed in this Adult Swim and DC Comics collaboration that originally aired in 2012 but hit stores July 9, 2013.

The result was 22-minutes of stop-animation madness— but in the very best way! The story focuses on the misadventures of the Justice League of America (JLA, holla!), which is comprised of some of DC’s most beloved heroes, such as Superman and Batman. And Aquaman, I guess. Not surprisingly, the King of the Seven Seas doesn’t feel well-appreciated, and things get dicey when he goes to meet up with a clan of evil villains, headed by Lex Luthor!

Through out the special, there are hilarious spotlights on ridiculous characters that (sadly) really exist in the DC universe. There areĀ also some running jokes that had me laughing every single time— they never got old! Quite possibly, the scene-stealer of the whole show was when the dudes in tights decide to flirt with babes at the bar… in costume. It’s so awkward and obscene, but still delightfully amazing.

The two hours of special features on the Blu-Ray definitely make owning this Blu-Ray worth it. There are a lot of fun segments that include the folks “behind the scenes,” such as “RCDC’s Aquaman Origin Story” (where you’ll hear hilariously conflicting stories about who was the brains behind the project) and “5.2 Questions” with the director and producers. I appreciated that you could tell the cast and crew were all super fans of the DC universe, but weren’t afraid to make fun of it, in the same way that only *you* can make fun of your little brother. The entire gang was amazing, including splendid direction from Seth Green (I love you Oz!) and fun voice talent from Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion, and Alex Borstein, among others.


Overall, I had a lot of fun watching “Robot Chicken: DC Comics Special,” and would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the show, loves comics, or just wants a good laugh! However, a warning to the faint of heart or children— this special definitely pushes boundaries and might not be appropriate to sensitive or younger audiences… but it’s all in good fun! While, it might not be for everyone, it was definitely a hit with me. “Robot Chicken: DC Comics Special” gets an 8 out of 10!

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