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New Arkham Origins TV Spot

Get a rare glimpse into the childhood evolution of Batman! batmanlittle

The newest TV Spot for Batman: Arkham Origins expands on the background of the young and newly orphaned Bruce Wayne, allowing us a brief, typically unseen look into the tween and teen years of the budding crime fighter.

But there is one major aspect of the story of Bruce Wayne/Batman missing from this advertisement: his hair.

Okay, well maybe it’s not MAJOR, but seeing Bruce without that signature jet black hair is definitely a little strange!

Check out the new spot below.

Batman: Arkham Origins will be available for PlayStation and Xbox on October 25th.

What do you think about a bald batman? Let us know in the comments below! (I secretly dig it)

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1 thought on “New Arkham Origins TV Spot

  1. Damn, Bald Batman is cool. This trailer makes me wish were getting something I would never have in a million years asked for… a new Zero Year type Batman starring Wentworth Miller as Bats.

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