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Tea Review: Steve Rogers Blend

steve rogers blend

created by: Cara McGee

As American as Apple Pie, perfectly sweet, but built for strength.

Inspired by the Marvel Comics character Steve Rogers/Captain America. I have no affiliation with Marvel or Disney or any of those related companies. This blend is made for my own enjoyment.

My Review

The spiced apple chai is probably the most prevalent scent when you open the bag, and even after you brew the tea. I let mine steep for 5-6 minutes (I had originally planned on four but got distracted by emails.) Good thing I like my teas strong. I was a little concerned that all I would taste at first would be the spiced apple chai, but though the spice is strong, it’s not overpowering. The light aftertaste of spice in the mouth is not unpleasant.

I’ll brew another cup today, most likely, and see if I can articulate any better how I feel about this blend. I had a lot of tea yesterday but didn’t have time to note all my impressions, so….yeah. I can’t quite remember everything I thought about this blend at first.

Right now I give it a tentative 3 out 5 stars.

You can buy it here.

Review Update:

It’s been a year since my initial review.

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