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Tea Review: eleven Blend

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By Cara McGee

Official Description on Adagio:
Edging the line of quirky and dark, this tea is unfailingly sweet, and as strong as you could ask for.

blended with natural vanilla flavor, natural coconut flavor, dried coconut, and accented with apple pieces. Teas: assam melodyvanillacoconut


My Review

The coconut and vanilla mingle seamlessly to tantalize your nose every time you open the bag, the apple pieces offering the barest hint of tart sweetness.

Steeped at 212 degrees Fahrenheit for 3 minutes, the tea is a lovely, light copper out of the pot (of which I’ve to do a hardware review on the personaliTea at a later time). The longer the tea steeps, the deeper the color – you probably don’t want to let it get too past a sort of red ochre for maximum flavor. You’ll hit that around 5-7 minutes of steeping. However, if you end up over-steeping it (which happens when you forget the tea bag in the pot,) the blend doesn’t turn as bitter as some other teas can; it does lose coconut potency, however, and there’s just the beginnings of a bit of astringent tang (most likely from the assam melody) that lodges in the back of the throat.

The blend maintains its coconut fragrance in the cup with the lightest notes of vanilla and assam melody noticeable in the background. For me, the apple pieces offer negligible flavor – the coconut and assam are too strong in comparison. Still, the tea is almost milky in feel and the blend overall manages to be a warming and yet refreshing thing. Even as the tea cools, the blend maintains its creamy, comforting taste.

I give this tea 4 out of 5 stars. You can purchase it here.

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