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BUT WAIT… THERE’S MOAR! – Espionage Cosmetics Nailed It! Again

But Wait

One year ago, GeekGirlWorld featured an interview with Jaimie Cordero of Espionage Cosmetics. This time around, GGW chatted with the always wonderful Jaimie and Emily to talk about the newest Kickstarter: Nailed It! BUT WAIT… THERE’S MOAR! Espionage Cosmetics, despite its amazing growth, continues to be a small woman-owned company “for nerds, by nerds, where nerds are.”

Since the tremendously successful initial campaign last year, the nail wraps have been doing great, both online and at conventions. When asked what some of the bestsellers are, while nebula and tentacles have been consistent top sellers, the comic book wraps are very popular at comic conventions. Sci-fi conventions see upticks in related nail wraps, so audience is clearly a factor. It has been great traveling to such a variety of cons and seeing what people get. Glitter has also proven really popular.

The team has learned a lot from last year’s Kickstarter, and, in true Espionage Cosmetics fashion, really listened to the customers. Jaimie says they have really honed down production, and almost everything stays in country* (because ‘murica!) All joking aside, it is fantastic to support local manufacturing, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Espionage Cosmetics is very excited to be able to create jobs here and turn what started out as a small-scale project staffed by friends into a viable business. Office operations have improved and grown. They have learned what works best, and fastest, both when dealing with production and with customers. Some people like glitter versions, others… not so much. Keeping that in mind, there are more options, and delightfully, more fandoms.

Cumberbabes, get on this
Cumberbabes, get on this.

In fact, Espionage has proudly announced the addition of licensed designs and collaborations with comic book authors, artists, and guest designers. Thanks to the overwhelmingly positive response to the initial Kickstarter, Jaimie and Emily say Espionage found that creators, particularly authors and artists, started approaching them about partnering up. Collaborations so far include comic designs from Little Vampires and Rat Queens; authors Clive Barker, Robin Hobb, and Seanan McGuire; and actual scientists like NASA’s Bobak Ferdowski to improve existing designs and develop new ones (what will a molecular biologist concoct? We shall see!)

clive barker
These wraps feature excerpts from Clive Barker’s The Hellbound Heart

According to Espionage, the process for creating the designs and getting approval has been a fantastic experience, with open communication and constructive feedback during concept development. Many of the collaborators found it a unique challenge to create definitive art that can fit on a fingernail. In the end, these exclusive designs completely embody the collaborative spirit, and creators can reach their female audiences in a new, innovative way.

Glow in the dark! So you can see what's coming to get you!
These Little Vampires glow in the dark!

True to the title, the BUT WAIT… THERE’S MOAR! campaign has a bevy of new designs, backer levels, swag, and rewards. For round one, there are twelve designs available (you can see them on the Kickstarter page). As stretch goals are reached, more designs will be unlocked, and you gain the ability to select your finish (glitter vs. non-glitter, etc.) on the wraps you choose.

Because dudes will never ask for directions.

Asked what they like best about the Nailed It! line, Jaimie says that even someone notoriously bad at nail polish can use these, so it is a great way to express a fandom quickly, and there is just a great ability to play around with them. Emily loves the fact that you do not have to sit and wait for ten minutes or more for the nails to dry. Plus, the designs are really rich and intricate, people are often amazed when they see them.

Who wouldn't sing the praises of these wraps?
Who wouldn’t sing the praises of these wraps?

The sooner stretch goals are reached, the sooner everyone can see the new designs in the works. The new rewards include new T-shirt designs, stickers, buttons, humidors (to extend the life of your wraps out of the protective foil package), and themed booster packs. Check out the different backer levels – if you can afford it, you can donate at a level that will get you prototype nails, promo materials, and more.

The funding for this project will kickstart the development of heat-reactive, holographic, and mirror print nails – the second step in the evolution of Espionage Cosmetic’s Nailed It! line. Want to know more? Then this Kickstarter needs to get funded – there are 23 days left!

Express yourself with all the nerdy awesomeness.

Hot on the heels of BUT WAIT… THERE’S MOAR!

In October, Espionage Cosmetics will release a line of cosmetics and nail wraps preceding the launch of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. That’s right – Espionage is gearing up for a full make-up collaboration (nails and cosmetics), and the Espionage team is very excited about it.

To keep up to speed on the wild world of nerd make-up, you can follow Espionage Cosmetics on Tumblr, Instagram @espionage_cosmeticsTwitter, or Facebook.



*Correction: The article originally stated that all production stays domestic, but the production line for the wraps is in another country. Espionage Cosmetics’ everything shadows and lip serums are produced domestically.

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