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Jurassic World’s Park Website is Incredibly Awesome

Universal has released an official website for the fictitious park featured in Jurassic World, giving us all a sad reminder that we still don’t have theme parks with actual dinosaurs.

But reality aside, the website is actually pretty amazing. It mirrors the website style of those of other theme parks, offering ticket packages, outlying show times, and listing exhibits, restaurants, and lodging opportunities.

Of course those parks don’t have freakin’ dinosaurs.

The website provides information and fun facts about the animals showcased in Jurassic World, including the T-Rex, who is noted to be 25 years old.

This means that the Rex that will appear in Jurassic World may just be our favorite jeep and lawyer munching friend that starred in the first Jurassic Park film.

It seems that the only attraction the park is missing is a close encounter with Chris Pratt, but that’s something we should have no problem conjuring up in our fantasies.

Jurassic World even has a Margaritaville! Say what?!


The disappointment that this isn’t real is almost too much to bear.

But while we may not be seeing real dinosaurs anytime in the near future (or ever), all hope of having a Jurassic World experience isn’t lost.

Jurassic World will, without a doubt, make a killing at the box office. This would create a great opportunity for Universal Studios theme parks to create more modern Jurassic Park themed areas, bringing in patrons who are fans of the film.

Many Universal Studios theme parks have Jurassic Park themed areas already, but based on my own experience with Universal Studios Orlando, those attractions are dated, featuring underwhelming animatronics that have been there since the 1990’s.

But I suppose Universal Studios Orlando is close to being Jurassic World in at least one regard: they already have a Margaritaville.

Let us know what you thought of the website in the comments below!

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