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Google Has A Creepy Robot Dog You Will Want To Buy

So, I don’t advocate cruelty to animals. Even the mechanical robotic kind! However, this is done to demonstrate how amazingly lithe this new robotic invention is.

Google owned Boston Dynamics wants you to meet “Spot”. The 160 pound, electric-powered, hydraulic-moving, robot dog with a sensor for a head, is the latest bot developed by the technology firm. While it looks insanely creepy with its mechanical exo-skeleton, its actually pretty nimble, and almost…dare we say it…CUTE!

Boston Dynamics is an industry leader when it comes to agility based robotics, and has worked with the US Military on a number of projects. Could they be Cyberdyne systems in disguise? Are these creatures coming to a Best Buy near you? Who knows? By the looks of “Spot”, agile electric-powered humanoids are not that far off!

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1 thought on “Google Has A Creepy Robot Dog You Will Want To Buy

  1. People with allergies now have no excuse to get a dog. So awesome!

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