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Doctor Who: Eleventh Doctor #8 Review

Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #8
STORY BY: Al Ewing
ART BY: Warren Pleece
COVER A BY: Boo Cook
PUBLISHER​: Titan Comics
RELEASE DATE: Wednesday, Feb​ruary​ 11, 2015

The conclusion of the Infinite Astronaut was amazing and sad all at once.  I thoroughly enjoyed the read.

The centuries long battle was silenced all at the brilliance of a human, and not the Doctor.  His human companion, Alice, was faced with the task of ending the conflict once and for all.

The story left off with the Doctor and Alice in the Infinite Library trying to end the war between the two species fighting above Earth. When Alice evoked the right of the Infinite Astronaut, she and only she was able to accomplish the task. Without the help of the Doctor or the TARDIS, she summoned all her courage and went through the gate of creation. Despite the odds being stacked against her due to the fact that no one had ever returned from this task, Alice knew that she had to complete this in order to save the Earth. After witnessing for herself what happened to the previous ships that had gone through, not wanting to return to the heartache and war on the other side, Alice again made the bold choice to return through the gate and help to end the centuries old war.


This was a great read, and I recommend the two part series to any Doctor Who fan. Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #8 is on sale now!

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