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Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor #7 Review


WRITER: Robbie Morrison
ARTIST: Daniel Indro
COLORIST: Slamet Mujiono
32pp | FC | $3.99


Picking up seamlessly where part one left us cringing in fear, Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor issue #7 shows us exactly what happens when the dreaded Weeping Angels manage to get their stone cold hands on you!

Beautiful artwork, suspenseful storytelling, and classic Tenth Doctor banter await you in part two of “The Weeping Angels of Mons.” But more excitingly we get a wicked glimpse of what lengths one driven by sheer terror will go to to avoid blinking around those heartless assassins. No spoilers, but it’s pretty graphic by Doctor Who standards.


Enjoy the efforts of our latest companion Gabby as she tries desperately to keep the good Doctor from getting executed for treason to the Crown, all while out-running the fearsome Weeping Angels herself.

I quite enjoyed the side stories of our supporting characters this issue, and I feel Morrison’s storytelling is only made more superb by Indro’s attention to detail. Morrison sets up the terror, and Indro knocks it right into us!




As an added bonus, we are given a choice of two covers, a fun little five-paneller featuring Titan vinyl figures, and part two of “A Rose by Any Other Name” by Rachel Smith.

Issue #7 is on sale now for $3.99

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