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Geeky Gifts For Your Valentine

Are you planning on getting your valentine flowers and chocolates this Valentines day? Well so is everyone else.

Flowers and chocolate are without a doubt great (and delicious… the chocolates at least), but doesn’t your loveable geek deserve a little more?

Check out this list of gifts that are sure to impress the valentine with an appreciation for the geekier things in life:

wandKymera Magic Wand Remote Control – $67.99
Stop changing your channels like a damn muggle already.

This wand remote is universal and gesture based, which is perfect for casting a “spell” to change the channel.

If only it could conduct a super awesome patronus charm to get rid of the Kardashians from our TV’s for good.

Available at Amazon.





toothlessToothless Build-A-Bear – $25.00
Giving someone a stuffed bear is a total cliché that screams “I forgot to get you something so I bought this at Walgreens. I had a coupon.”

Give your valentine a stuffed Toothless instead. You can stuff him yourself at Build-A-Bear, AND you have the option of putting in a customized sound box. Sounds like the perfect excuse to woo your loved one with your best dragon impersonation.

Available at Build-A-Bear.





hanandleiatowelsHan and Leia Hand Towels – $19.99
This is the perfect gift for committed couples. Each time you wash your hands will serve as a reminder of how deep your eternal love is.

…Or you’ll just be reminded of how anxious you are for the Star Wars sequels to come out. Ugh.

Available at Thinkgeek.







doctowhojewelryDoctor Who Inspired Jewelry – $12.95 and up
He went to Jared Etsy.

Kaieldesigns on Etsy has a variety of beautiful, handmade Doctor Who inspired jewelry that are sure to impress your super fan.

Available at Etsy.





tardis-jewelry-boxTardis Jewlery Box – $39.99
Perhaps you should pair that beautiful Doctor Who necklace with a Tardis Jewelry Box.

…Just saying.

Available at







Young-Romance-comicYoung Romance: A New 52 Valentine’s Day Special #1 – $7.99
Let your fan girl/boy’s see the more romantic side of their favorite DC heroes in a special edition DC comics release for Valentine’s Day.

We’re talking Batman and Catwoman, Wonder Woman and Superman and more.

… Forget a valentine, I may just have to buy this for myself.

Available at DC Comics.






R2d2-yoga-pantsR2-D2 Yoga Pants – $39.99
Your valentine will love how comfortable and geeky their new yoga pants are, and you’ll love how great their bum looks in them!

I call that a win-win.

By the way, why hasn’t anyone thought of YODA pants yet?

Available at Thinkgeek.






game-of-thrones-autographsGame of Thrones Cast Autographs – Price Varies
Your valentine will absolutely freak out when you give them an autographed poster or photograph from their favorite Game of Thrones star.

Bonus points to you if you get it framed for them!

Find them on Amazon and on Ebay.






Dancing-Baby-GrootDancing Baby Groot – $36.99
He dances along to either pre-installed tunes or your own music! Your valentine will be so in awe that all they just won’t have the words.

Except maybe “I am Groot”. That always is acceptable.

Available at Amazon.





Do you have a favorite? And what other great geeky gift ideas do you have? Let us know in the comments below!

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