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Marvel’s Agent Carter Recap: Ep. 7, “Snafu”

Let me be clear: I’m hanging on by a thread with Marvel’s Agent Carter. Each week I get a pulpy detective novel brought to life but the lulls where the author would be describing the setting and characters are agonizingly apparent in the show. And misogyny, regardless of its historical accuracy is always going to rub me the wrong way. Now that I’ve gotten that out, on to the episode.

After the heat is turned up on Peggy and her cover is blown, she’s arrested and interrogated by her fathead cronies at the SSR. When they, predictably, get nowhere with her, Jarvis shows up with a phony confession letter from Howard Stark that only got him arrested rather than assured his and Peggy’s freedom. After she catches Dr. Ivchenko communicating with Dottie, Peggy decides to confess to head off the impending, no doubt unpleasant showing from Leviathan.

“Why didn’t you bring this to us?” the agents asked. “Er, because you dummies never listen to me. I’m a woman and you think I’m worthless unless I make babies or your coffee. You brought this on yourselves!”

Reliably, Agent Sousa believes her and goes to check out her story while Chief Dooley goes back for more quality brainwashing time with Dr. Ivchenko. And because he is so much more observant than any SSR agent, Ivchenko is tipped off and begins to use the complete control tactics he displayed in a flashback at the beginning of the episode: he twists his shiny, shiny wedding ring to make his mark focus and uses his dulcet tones to lull them into a sort of hallucinogenic memory.

Now that he’s got a Dooley puppet, Dr. Ivchenko succeeds in having Peggy and Jarvis locked in an interrogation room and gains access to the labs where Howard Stark’s inventions are being held; he’s after Item 17, whatever that is. Meanwhile, Sousa and his crutch are overcome by Dottie, who clearly missed her calling as a gymnast. She does some truly impressive acrobatic moves down a stairwell giving no less than four agents the opportunity to shoot her but no one does. Ivchenko nabs his item, convinces Dooley to blow up the SSR with a nifty vest (another Stark invention) and escapes with Dottie. Finally some effing action, and it’s going fast now!

Peggy and Jarvis break out of the interrogation room and everyone finds Chief Dooley wearing the explosive vest. Sousa finds the Morse code communications and Dooley jumps out the window just in time to explode. Dottie drops her baby carriage containing Item 17 off in a movie theater, and just as the SSR realizes it’s missing the lovely citizens in the theater begin choking and tearing at each other savagely. And it’s a massacre. Thanks, Howard!

The Question: Will Peggy finally get some shine from these criminally inept SSR agents or what?!

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