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Face Off: Ep. 8: Dressed to Kill

This week we have no foundation challenge, and head straight into the Spotlight challenge. The contestants are taken to the world famous Whiskey a Go Go in Hollywood,CA. While there, they are greeted via video by Clive Barker, who elaborates on his inspiration for Hellraiser by going to punk clubs and venues. This ties into the challenge as the contestants must create an intelligent, eloquent, and unique horror villain and must use the avant-gard outfits the models wear as their inspiration.







They take turns choosing their muse and begin working on the concept for each villain. Right away Stephanie begins to have trouble nailing down her concept and it continues back in the shop. Even with coach Laura by her side she cannot decide on where she wants to go with this makeup. The others easily get their concepts down and start working them out into clay. Rayce seems extra focused on Logan and Adam as they are his last two contestants.

As the coaches leave for the day, Stephanie still has no concept and decides to abandon her sculpting to work on her concept. With 9 hours on day two, she hopes it will be enough time to do all her sculpting. Because of this decision, when day two starts she finally has a concept of a murderous seer, but has to get it sculpted, molded and ready for foam in one day.







On day two, Darla is having a bit of difficulty sculpting her idea of a villain with stretched skin, Adam’s mold is cracked and must be repaired, Anthony is worried about Jamie’s direction and making her model still beautiful while being scary, and Julian is still sculpting late into the day. Meanwhile Ben, Kelly, Logan and Emily are all knocking out their bits and pieces without any hiccups. Emily is making an elaborate cage from string for her villain, while Kelly works on a surgical mask for hers.

Application day and everyone is in good spirits until Kelly comes in to find her foam latex piece is practically in shreds. It has bad tears all along it, but Anthony makes a valid point that her character is supposed to look mutilated and may work to her advantage. Logan is fast at work getting his model into his poison themed makeup, Adam’s crack from his mold is not even visible, and paint is being laid on the other models. Anthony is working Jamie again because he is still very worried about her model not coming off as scary and pretty as they discuss the paint scheme. Suddenly Emily’s string cage completely falls apart on one side, so she scraps the whole thing and just throws feathers in it.








Last looks always leaves the contestants scrambling with painting and last minute assembly. Kelly has to toss out the teeth her model was going to wear as they didn’t fit, and Stephanie fears she will be the one going home tonight.

The series judges, Glenn, Ve, and Neville are joined by the Co-head of Clive Barker’s production company, Seraphim Films, Mark Alan Miller. The judges take their closer look finding at each creation, looking for the ones that are unique, well thought out, and still have a very Clive Barker feel to them. Adam, Logan and Darla were safe this week, leaving the rest as best and worst.

Julian, Emily, Ben and Kelly nab top looks while Stephanie and Jaime are left far below in the bottom. This is the first time I remember an individual challenge with only two bottom looks this early in the competition. Stephanie’s trouble with concept was very apparent in her makeup this week and she did not create a very scary horror villain. Jamie’s makeup had major problems with her paint colors as well as her overall sculpt. The winner this week is Ben, and Jamie is packing up her kit and heading home.

ben  Jamie

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