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Review – Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #8

STORY BY: Robbie Morrison
ART BY: Daniel Indro
COLORS BY: Slamet Mujiono
COVER A BY: Verity Glass
PUBLISHER: Titan Comics
RELEASE DATE: Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Before I get into the meat of the review of the actual storyline of DOCTOR WHO: THE TENTH DOCTOR #8, Part 3, The Weeping Angels of Mons, I need to get something off my chest: Some truly horrible people designed the faces of the attacking Weeping Angels. I mean truly horrible. I haven’t been this creeped out by a page in a book since I was 7 years old flipping through a wildlife magazine featuring the close ups of bugs’ faces.

Now that we have all wet our collective pants, let’s get on with the adventure of The Doctor, Gabby, and what’s left of Britain’s fighting finest!

Part 3 starts out strong, showing us that time, despite all its wibbly-wobblyness, marches on. It then jumps straight back into the peril and horror that is a typical day with The Doctor. Gabby shows us how far chutzpah and a poker face will get you with a Weeping Angel, and Jamie, one of the last of his unit, does Queen and country proud with his brazenness!

One thing that I will always love about the Doctor Who series is, no matter what the medium, it always highlights the proud British way “Keep calm and carry on” is more than just a tin sign you can buy off ebay. It’s a way of life, and it’s very obviously at the heart and soul of how the British Empire won the very war The Doctor and Gabby find themselves in the middle of.

My only criticism of this issue is yet another inclusion of The Doctor berating humans, his own companion, for being tempted by adventure, the very thing The Doctor offers to those he sees the spark of fire in. The Doctor’s own guilty arrogance takes center stage for a whole page while Gabby is bearing her soul to him. But just like the respectful nod to human’s overwhelming desire to soldier on and survive, it is customary for The Doctor to point out man’s weaknesses as well. And before I get too philosophical and over-analytical, let’s move on to the artwork!


10doctor8I’ve been appreciating Daniel Indro’s art and Slamet Mujiono’s coloring for three months now, and, really, if you haven’t appreciated their talents thus far, then you’ll definitely be sold by the last page of this issue. What’s great about their artwork is that although it’s minimal, it focuses on the action, but still blows me away with its attention to motion and detail. I can hear The Doctor’s signature trench flapping in his wake, the ping of the bullets, and the godawful grating and scraping of those Weeping Angels coming at me!

As always the continuing adventures of the Titan Vinyl Doctor, and The Doctor and Rose-the-Cat are included in this issue.

by Rachel Smith

DOCTOR WHO: THE TENTH DOCTOR #8 drops Wednesday, of course, March 4th, for $3.99.

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