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12 Monkeys: Episode 8: Yesterday

mon1We pick up directly following the end of last weeks episode in the year 2043 with Jones locking onto Cole to attempt to bring him back. They have come to the conclusion that the interception of the virus in 2015 in Chechnya did not stop the 12 monkeys or the spread of the virus since they are all still in their same state of affairs. When they attempt to bring Cole back, the machine’s stabilizer manifold malfunctions and Jones tells them to shut it down.

In order to bring Cole back they need to get a new manifold and the only place that has one is revealed to be Spearhead, where Jones and her people were before they came to Project Splinter. She tasks Whitley and Ramse to go retrieve the other manifold despite their mutual extreme dislike for each other; because he was there with her and would know the location and how to retrieve it, and Ramsay because he is the only other person as determined as she is to bring Cole back.

mon2Back in 2015 Cassie is very distraught still over Cole’s death and Aaron suggests having someone go and try to collect his body for closure. Cut to the demolished bunker and we see Cole jolt awake. Hold on, what is this? Cole is alive??!! He survived the missile strike with some cuts and scrapes, and that pesky little bullet still in his leg which he has to pry out.

Cassie and Aaron question Senator Royce about Cole’s body and are told nothing was found of him. That Wexler and his men were pulled out of the rubble, but nothing was found of Cole. She then convinces him to allow her to go see for herself under the guise of the CDC just checking it out to clear it of any potential threat.

mon5Cole hears voices from the ground above him and and finds it is a girl and her father. They want to know what happened and if anyone knows he is there. At this point I think he definitely needs to say yes, that someone does know he is there because I just don’t trust strange voices around a pile of rubble in a foreign land, but maybe that’s just me.

Whitley and Ramse get to Spearhead and are taken to speak with Col. Foster, the head of the project. He is shocked to find that Jones managed to successfully send someone back in time, but quickly dismisses it as being an answer to their problems as nothing has changed as a result of time travel. Instead, he is more focused on creating a cure for those that still live, one that will combat the virus and any possible mutation it could ever undergo. Looks like he isn’t eager to help them or hand over the manifold.


Ramse gets a complete shock as he is headed down a hallway in Spearhead and sees Elena, whom he was(is) in love with. She disappeared 5 years ago when they were running from the West Seven. She thought he was dead and after some traveling, joined Spearhead and became a lab tech. Then comes the predictable revelation that she now has a son, one who is, you guessed it, 5 years old. Ramsay meet Sam,Sam meet Ramsay. Awkward omg that’s my kid moment.

mon6Cole convinces the people from above to help him move a large beam that he can’t move on his own in order for him to get out just at the same time as Jones decides to try and retrieve him without having fixed the Manifold. They fire up the core and it pretty much explodes before being able to pull Cole from the past, leaving him there having also been unsuccessful in moving the beam. The tether to Cole will only last another 48 hours max with the facility now on backup generators due to the core explosion. Cole is told that the girl’s father went to get help, and after a bit of conversation he hears her begin to cough. This isn’t good, perhaps the virus managed to get out to the surrounding area during the strike and this girl is infected. Cole requests she get in touch with his doctor friend when he realizes that she may be infected. She assures him help is on the way.

Ramse meanwhile learns that Sam doesn’t know anything about him, his father, and decides to spend a little time with him bonding. Touching father/son moment is interrupted by Whitley who informs him some stuff is about to go down. By that he means Jones is standing at Spearhead’s front door.


Jones joins Foster for dinner along with Whitley and Ramse and basically demands he give her his entire core to bring Cole back. Foster considers this, and agrees to only do it if she is willing to come back and help him work on the cure once Cole is back. She of course refuses since she does not believe in a cure and demands proof of his “hope,” his cure. He in turn asks for her proof, to which she provides a pristine photo of him and his now deceased wife from their wedding. Oh, so now it’s time to talk in private.

mon8Jones reveals that Cole brought her the photographs from one of his trips to the past, but Foster is in denial still, convinced she just had them reprinted. He so strongly does not believe the answer lies in the past that he burns the photos and tell Jones he would tell not only his wife, but her daughter that he does not believe in resurrecting the past to which Jones slaps him.

Cassie has since arrived in Chechnya after getting Aarons blessing, seems like they are back together, and asks a cab driver to take her to the rubble site. He states the Russian military have it all locked down, but she bribes him to take her as close as he can get her.


Ramse has a touching moment with Elaine before he, Whitely, and Jones head back to Project Splinter. I must say, there are quite a lot of “touching moments” in this week’s episode. Ramse and Whitley are convinced Foster has it all figured out, they have been won over by the clean, well maintained facility and are relaying the info back to the people at Project Splinter. Jones then bursts their bubble, letting them know Foster is lying to keep his people in check. That the only cure he found was to the virus strain from 2033, a strain that has since died out. He cured a dead strain. Their only option now: steal the core from Foster.


Cassie makes it to the area that’s locked down and bribes the guard to allow her to pass. Simultaneously the girl informs Cole he is saved, that they are here to get him out. The beam is pulled and a harness is lowered to pull him up out of the demolished bunker. As Cole is lifted out you see Cassie walk into view and she looks at the spot where the bunker was. Hold on, where’s Cole?

It’s the exact same spot he is being lifted from, what’s going on? Cassie phones Aaron, letting him know Cole isn’t there, that he did it, he saved the future, it’s over. So where(when) is Cole? He asks the girl about the virus when he emerges, she and everyone else has face masks on, and she informs him there has been a plague, all over the world. It is 2017. When they tried to pull him back the first time, when the stabilizer manifold first malfunctioned, he jumped two years so we have been seeing him in 2017, not 2015 as we thought. mon13Cole walks out over some rocks and is greeted by the sight of mass graves,hundreds are dead, thousands worldwide.


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